A deeper sense of purpose takes our projects from looking good to also doing good. At The Interiors Curator we are committed to contributing to a better and more sustainable future for all. Below are our two main actions:


Our mission is to improve people’s lives through meaningful interiors, and not only our clients’. This is why we are proud supporters of SHELTER, an amazing charity that helps millions of people struggling with housing issues and homelessness, to make sure that people in need are given a better chance for a safe home to call their own.

To learn more about SHELTER’s remarkable work, or to help them with a contribution, please visit

Responsible Consumption & Production

Because we understand the crucial role of environmental sustainability in the future of our planet, principles like waste reduction, longevity and flexibility are always in our mind when designing any type of project.

Our spaces are timeless so they can easily evolve with our clients lives and needs. They are created around the objects our clients own and love. Recycling, upcycling and repurposing help us not only to save resources and budget, but also to achieve the priceless look of lived-in authenticity.


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