Passionate about curating meaningful interior experiences through storytelling and design

Welcome to The Interiors Curator. We are a London-based boutique studio specialised in reinventing residential and commercial spaces.
Storytelling is the foundation of our creative process. It allows us to draw upon what makes you unique to design meaningful interiors and experiences celebrating your narrative.

Our dynamic approach is grounded in emotional connection rather than rules or trends, making interior design more fun and less intimidating.

A deeper sense of purpose takes our projects from looking good to also doing good. We are environmentally responsible and proudly support SHELTER, the remarkable homeless charity defending everyone’s right to a safe home to call their own.

The Interiors Curator is built around the empowering experience of living in a home that speaks volumes to and about you. It is built around the excitement of entering a retail space that lives and breathes brand storytelling; around that emotional spark, which is the one difference between witnessing a narrative and becoming a part of it.

Krishna Antolin, Founder & Head Curator

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