26 January 2022 - New Year, New Space

The secret to transforming a space and giving it a new life is to tie it all together with intention, to make it feel considered and uniquely you. Don't know where to start? Follow along our 5 infallible steps to make your interior a better reflection of your own story:


Time to do some introspection: How do you want your space to feel and look like? What are your likes and dislikes in interior design?

Homework: Choose 5 words that capture the essence of your dream concept. They will become the golden thread throughout your project and the anchor to make all decisions, so think thoroughly and be honest to yourself!


This is the step where we make Marie Kondo proud: Identify those ‘joy-sparking’ pieces which are part of your personal story. These will become the ‘heroes’ you will be decorating around.

Homework: Get rid of -donate- anything that is not relevant to you anymore or doesn’t have a clear function. When in doubt, only keep objects that tick, at least, two out of your 5 key words.


Think about your space and how you use it, what’s the best flow for the different activities? How can you maximize the natural light? Where’s the focal point and which ‘hero’ can you highlight there?

Homework: Try different combinations of your current furniture until you find the one that feels more you. Mix things up to create new experiences, rotate the layout or even swap room functions for a change…have fun!


Avoid purchasing anything or decorating walls until you have experienced your new layout and are 100% sure it works for you. Test, don’t regret!

Homework: Create a shopping list to stay focused. Find pieces that align with your 5 words and support your ‘heroes’. Invest in key/versatile furniture. Take risks and be playful with accents that can easily change. Choose second-hand/vintage: better for your pocket, for the environment and to add more character to your space.


Last but -definitely- not least, it is time for the final details that will take your new space to the next level…and these can be surprisingly affordable too.

Homework: Think about all 5 senses. Find ways of engaging them to bring a smile your face and peace to your soul. From fresh flowers and scented candles to background music and pillow mist. Give yourself a 5 Star treatment, you’ve earned it!

24 December 2021 - Happy Holidays!

2021 will always be a chapter to remember in my own story; after all, it’s when The Interiors Curator was founded. An incredible rollercoaster of a year that taught me that starting your own business is sliiiightly 😅 more complex than I had initially imagined but, for that same reason, all the more rewarding!  Stepping out of the comfort zone came hand in hand with new challenges, new lessons and new accomplishments. I feel so proud, but I could have never done it alone.

What really makes my heart full is the love and support I have been blessed with throughout the year. Not only from my wonderful partner, friends and family, but also from my fantastic clients and counterparts, who have trusted my vision, making of my business idea a successful reality (and helping me fundraise for a great homeless charity in the process!).

2021 has also been a magnet for meeting new people - and reconnecting with old friends. A talented network of creative minds, designers, artists and small entrepreneurs who, like me, are following their dreams, and who have been so generous in sharing their passion, experiences and key learnings with open arms and words of encouragement.

So, before I start my annual break, I wanted to thank ALL OF YOU. For all of the above and for also ‘following’ my journey here on the blog, on LinkedIn and IG. For every ‘share’, ‘like’ and comment. For going out of your way in order to make me feel appreciated. Those actions are so important to grow my business in the social media era and they also bring a huge smile to my face every single time!

Happy holidays everyone, stay safe, warm and make 2022 your best chapter yet!

❤️❤️❤️ Krishna

01 December 2021 - Ralph Lauren's Heritage Showroom

What a better way to celebrate the Holiday season that with one my latest projects: the current Ralph Lauren Home collection showrooms at the New Bond Street flagship store. If you are in town, please go check them out as they are even more beautiful in person!

This Heritage showroom is inspired by Mr Lauren’s Bedford Estate. The super talented in-house production team helped me bring this concept to life with a beautiful set that feels quintessentially upstate NY, inviting and lived-in.

The impressive wood panelling, the comfy leather sofa covered in plaid cushions and the gilded frames by @daggettgallery are some of the highlights of the living room, which becomes the perfect spot for after-Christmas dinner digestifs by the fire. I love how simple but impactful the tree is, decorated with ‘just’ fairy lights.

My favourite area is the cosy bedroom, with the gorgeous fabric-upholstered walls, the vintage Persian rugs layered under the plushy bed and the charming little window. I love the paisley bedding too! Which is your favourite moment!?

Thank you everyone who was involved in this amazing project!

📷: @melvynvincent for Ralph Lauren
📷: @the_interiors_curator

01 November 2021 - Reenergising the Holiday retail experience

This holiday season, more than ever, we need to give clients a good reason to come to our retail spaces. E-commerce makes shopping so easy and convenient, but nothing beats the magic of an old-fashioned shopping day, especially during Christmas.

Here are some tips to help you reinvent your space, curate your assortments and take your shopping experience to the next level.

Christmas is one of the few times when going full-on cliché actually feels right: pine garlands, shiny ornaments and red everything are unfailingly expected and celebrated by both customers and employees; they convey feelings of nostalgia, creating a sense of comfort and togetherness that is so needed after a tough couple of years.

Take these decorations to the next level by incorporating your own twist, one that reinforces your brand storytelling in a playful way. At Calvin Klein we made a tree out of silver perfume bottles, at Ralph Lauren, mannequins got teddy bear heads as a nod to the iconic sweaters, and at Mount Street Printers, we made quirky paper ornaments inspired by one of their best-selling cards.

Q: What’s the most iconic gift people associate with your brand? How can you organically link your decorations to your story and values?

Curated gifting outposts are always an inspiring way for clients to discover your brand whilst encouraging multi-purchase. Connect the dots between your product categories and group items that complement and support each other:

• Keep tight colour palettes and similar sensibilities together to achieve more cohesive and impactful presentations.

• Combine different price points to make every customer feel part of your brand regardless of their budget.

• Reinvent older product in ways that feel newer and more relevant to the holiday season (e.g. grouping all outerwear, gloves and scarves in a “cold weather shop”).

• Highlight your core product and surround “basics” and “slow-movers” with holiday decorations to instantly elevate them.

Q: What’s your “hero” product and what gifting options can you curate around them? What are the “hot” focal areas and how can you maximize their selling impact?

Make your clients feel welcome from the minute they walk into your space. No matter how busy your team is, a warm smile goes a long way. A pine scented candle and a Christmas carols soundtrack will always enhance the experience (but always choose a music style that aligns with your brand).

A good host always treats their guests, be it a glass of bubbly, hot chocolate or biscuits, make them feel at home whilst they wait or browse around. A free gift-wrapping service or a branded card to attach to the gift is great way to extend the brand experience beyond your doors.

Q: How can you give your client an experience that is uniquely you? How can you make them feel at home within your space?

01 October 2021 - Something old, something new...

Curating a space is pretty much like the old saying: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

We like to think of these as the “4 pillars” of curating spaces. When combined in a considered and balanced manner, they help to celebrate your journey -past, present and future.

• Something old. AKA the objects -and memories- that bring a smile to your face. From a beloved family heirloom to that unique flea market find (without forgetting the comfy sofa you are not ready to part with yet!). These are the lived-in elements with character that tell us who you are and where you come from.

• Something new. Because who are we kidding, a new chapter also needs some newness! From a fresh paint job or exciting piece of art to a functional desk to WFH in style. These cover your most recent needs. They tell us who you are today and, most importantly, who you want to be tomorrow.

• Something borrowed. As in borrowing from Mother Earth: lush plants, beautiful flowers and those shells you collected on your last beach holiday. Also, natural fibres like weathered linens or textured sisal rugs. This organic layer is essential to add warmth -and soul- to any scheme. (Now, if you want to “borrow’” that stunning china set from you mothers, that can also fall in this category!).

• Something blue: Ok, we admit it, it is not really blue, it is black, but it just doesn’t roll off the tongue as well! However, a touch of black always helps to add definition to any project, grounding and e bringing all the different elements together. Think of it as the “sharp” feature in your photo editing tools.

Keep these pillars in mind before embarking on your project. Start by asking yourself the questions: What are my favourite things? What is just clutter? What are my current needs? What is a good investment?

An honest self-check will help you stay focused on what really matters to you, avoiding impersonal, overexposed trends and impulsive purchases.

01 October 2021 - Welcome to The Interiors Curator's Blog

Hello there! Welcome to our little blog. Our intention with this platform is to give you a sneak peak into our world, our past/present/future projects and what inspires us. But most importantly, this will be the main hub for The Interiors Curator Academy. Our goal is to empower you with easy tips that will help you reinvent -curate- your space in a more meaningful and empowering way. #weareheretohelpyoutellyourstory

What areas are you most interested in reinventing at home? Any challenges we can help you with? Let us know at [email protected].